World Map

The World Map can be accessed by expanding the minimap in the bottom right.

Using the MapEdit

On the map, you can see where Cities , Strongholds , Barbarian Tribes , and Forests are relative to your cities.  Hovering over an object will display how far away it is from your currently selected city.  You can double click on the map to re center your view on that tile.

To return to your city, you can click the globe icon in the top left next to your city name.

Map LegendEdit

Clicking on the legend will change the map filter to different settings.  By default, the filter displays cities compared Influence Points to your currently selected city.

Other City filters are:

  • Alignment Rating
  • Distance away from your currently selected city
  • Tribe membership (your tribe/ other tribe/ no tribe)
  • Protection (city is under newbie protection/ city is not under newbie protection)

In addition to the filters, you can click on the other objects in the map legend to have the map not display them.  This is helpful specifically when you are looking for weak cities nearby to raid or there is a lot of troop activity in the area.