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A Market is built from a Trading Post. It allows players to exchange resources for gold, or gold for resources.

Players are advised to build Markets fairly early in the game, it is generally good to have around 4 Markets. This allows for constant selling of resources while also upgrading at least one Market at a time in the aim of producing gold without spending resources.

At level 4 a Market will start producing gold constantly, at a rate of 4 per hour, going up to 18 per hour at level 6 and 50 at level 10. Iron cannot be traded until a Market is at level 8 or above and is required to upgrade that high.

Resources are traded at the market at a ratio of 1 gold for 2 wood or crop and 5 gold for 1 iron.



All structure and unit stats, cost to upgrade per level, and other abilities can be seen on the Official Database Entry

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