Lumbering camp

Lumbering Camps are built by Lumbermills. The player must assign laborers when creating the camp, these laborers cannot be reassigned other than by removing the camp or waiting for the forest to run out of wood.

Lumbering Camps gather wood based on the level of the forest and the number of laborers assigned to the camp.

  • Higher level Lumbermills allow you to harvest more Forests at a time. Lumbermill level 1-3 allows one camp, Lumbermill level 4-8 allows 2 camps, Lumbermill level 9-14 allows 3 camps, and Lumbermill level 15 allows 4 camps.
  • Higher level Lumbermills allow you to harvest higher level Forests. Lumbermill level 1-2 allows level 1 Forests, Lumbermill level 3-6 allows level 2 Forests, Lumbermill level 7-11 allows level 3 Forests, and Lumbermill level 12-15 allows for level 4 Forests.
  • Higher level Forests allow you to have more Laborers harvesting per Lumbering Camp. Level 1 Forests allow 40 Laborers, Level 2 Forests allow 80 Laborers, Level 3 Forests allow 120 Laborers, and Level 4 Forests allow 160 Laborers.

In addition to the faster depletion of Forests due to simply having multiple Lumber Camps at a single Forest, multiple camps (from multiple players) at the same Forest will also increase the gather rate per camp, both increasing efficiency and also reducing the total amount of time able to be spent at that Forest. Some players appreciate the higher efficiency and don't mind the increased frequency with which they must build Lumber Camps; other players prefer the inverse.

The rate at which your camp produces wood is:

  • [Number of Laborers] * [Rate] * [CampBonus]

where the Rate is 0.75 for level 1, 1.00 for level 2, 1.25 for level 3, 1.50 for level 4, and the CampBonus is estimated to be given by (1 + 0,125 x [Number of Camps]).

EXAMPLE: Wood gathered from a Lv 3 forest with 120 laborers
Number of Camps Wood Collected (/h) Wood Predicted (/h) Time until depleated (h)
1 168 168.8 409
2 187 187.5 184
3 206.3 112
4 225 225.0 77
5 243 243.8 57
6 262.5 44
7 281 281.3 35
8 300.0 29


All structure and unit stats, cost to upgrade per level, and other abilities can be seen on the Official Database Entry

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