Here is a list of known, small issues - mostly tooltip fixes that can be fixed or database wording that can be clarified. Any actual bugs or major problems should be reported in the appropriate forum .

Tooltip issues/clarificationsEdit

  • University levels 11-15 should add "enables upgrading Stronghold Gate Offensive Boost Level (1-5)"
  • Farms : Whenever it says "Increases production rate by XX%", it should also read "for this structure" to avoid confusion.
  • Basements should mention that they are (currently) unattackable.
  • Stable , Barracks , Training Ground , Workshop : Whenever it says "Decreases training time by XX%", it should also read "for this structure only" to avoid confusion.
  • Clarification for Rush Attack , Rush Defense , and Double Time with regards to the "diminishing returns" referenced in the in game tool tip.  The in game tool tip is calling out that a 30% increase in the speed of your troops will not always result in 30% faster travel times as you stack up multiple speed upgrades from multiple sources.