Influence Points (IP) are the sum of the levels of all the buildings in a city. The colors of cities on the minimap show the Influence Points of the other cities relative to your own. White indicates low level or inactive, Green indicates fewer points, Yellow indicates similar levels, Orange indicates more points and Red indicates significantly more points.

A city's Influence Points increases from every building except for Vineyards and Tribal Structures. A building produces 1, 2, or 3 IP based on it's tile size. The Town Center is the only 3x3 size building.

Building Size Influence Points
1x1 1 IP
2x2 2 IP
3x3 3 IP

Effect of influence points:

  • Allows for building new cities

*Attack radius increases every 40 Influence Points that a city accumulates. It is a method used to balance strong cities attacking weaker ones.