Greed is Good is a technology that is researched from a Level 5 or higher Market. It reduces the number of rounds it takes to load up loot by one each level, and stacks additively when researched at multiple markets, with a maximum reduction of 10 rounds.

When a player's troop enters battle, no loot is collected until round 6. Without any levels in Greed is Good, each turn the player collects loot equal to 1/15th of his troop's total carry capacity. For each level of Greed is Good, the denominator in that fraction is reduced by one. For example, at 3 levels of Greed is Good, the player gathers 1/12th of his troop's carry capacity per turn, and at 7 levels of Greed is Good, the player gathers 1/8th of his troop's carry capacity per turn.

Note that this will not reduce the amount of time that a raiding troop will be in battle, as they can only leave if they:

  • meet the leave condition set by the attacking player, ie "Raid" (1/3 unit losses) or "Assault" (2/3 unit losses)
  • run out of stamina (20 rounds)
  • destroy all enemy troops
  • destroy 4 enemy buildings

Greed is Good ensures that, even when the battle ends N rounds early, you will get the full amount of loot.

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