A city

a city

Cities are where structures are constructed. They are based around a Town Center. Cities produce resources and units from the structures they contain. They can also be the scene of combat; they can be attacked and defended.

The player starts off with one city to build up, but can build more when they have at least 130 Influence Points and 50 Ox Wagons. They are built on City Foundations, which are scattered around on the map.  An image of a city foundation is on the right.  Once you start building your new city, you must wait for it to finish being constructed before you can take any actions there.  A new city takes 12 hours to finish being constructed, but does benefit from any laborers in the University at the city that contributed the ox wagons.  The timer for the new citie's construction is visible on the Town Center of the city that contributed the ox wagons.

A new city still under construction

Each city is an individual entity with its own resources , Technologies and Units . You can however use trading posts to share resources between your cities. All upgrades and technologies reside only within your city and do not affect your other cities. The cost of a new city is 50 * N ox wagons, and ((130 + (50 * (N - 1))) * N) influence points. Where N is the current number of cities in your empire. 


New city foundation

This basically means you need 130 IP, per city, on average to get a new city, but it keeps increasing by 50 as you get more. So at 5 cities, you need 330 IP per city to level up. There is a theoretical cap to how much IP a single city can give, but there is no cap on how much IP the next city will cost. This means that there is a finite number of cities per player determined by the IP efficiency of their cities.

Requirements for the first five cities
Extra City Ox Carts Required IP Required


50 130
Second 100 360
Third 150 690
Fourth 200 1120
Fifth 250 1650